Xorg 7 r0x

Today i upgraded my xorg to 7.0 and the upgrade was very smooth. I followed Donnie guide and it went awesome without a single break. Now it’s time to all packages maintainers on Gentoo to update their modular dependencies (including me) something i’ll do after the exams.
Great job xorg developers i noticed good improvements over the last release and of course modular is far better imo.

I commited the new cdrecord-prodvd version into portage but it went like i was expected. Looks like Schilly made a mistake on versioning the new release as beta03. He should bump it into a major version instead of adding beta because it will confuse users who want’s to run -prodvd. This issue was fixed on Gentoo Portage by versioning the release as _p03.

I bumped Tango Icon Themes in Portage too and these icons are amazing (i use it on all my machines), if during a month there won’t be any bugs i’ll mark this version (0.6.5) stable.

Another Updates day

About the latest posts on -dev i think we should go forward to implement a wiki on gentoo.org because it will be a good way to post some docs, show project goals, updates about the project and so. Wiki is easy to maintain and it should improve users -> devs communication. Users should be allowed to express their ideas, start new projects and help out the current ones. This could also help about maintaining ideas, share information and help communication between devs too.

Also today i took windowmaker maintainership and committed a patch to fix fullscreen events then i bumped libogg and libvorbis.

And for last… Happy birthday Catarina yesterday was your birthday and your dinner party was great thanks 😉

Acrobat reader

Acrobat reader bumped to 7.0.5 on Gentoo yey! Looks like the Adobe guys dropped a few language packs so i save a couple of Mb on my disk.

Ok… i’ll have an exam monday so i’ll be studing this weekend.

January always a month full of work

It’s true this month is very difficult to me since i’m at university. It’s the first exams time so I’ll be try to studying all month and see if i can pass all classes. This year i hope it will be so fine like the last year.

About Gentoo i began to work on a media-optical page to add to project desktop with faq’s and issues about this team and start thinking in the future. I hope this year will bring some improvements over the last year as for me i would like to bring a few important applications to portage, fixing bugs, helping as much as i can amd64 herd and starting writing some documentation. I already started to code some Gentoo utilities for portage in C# with mono. I’m loving mono and i would like this year to write an app based on GTK# like a package.keywords gui or something. I’m getting more and more involved in Linux Desktop specially on Gentoo i would like to work to improve this area too.

About the flames on -dev i just want to say something… let’s work to have a better distro, meta-distro or whatever you want to call it and stop talking :). The communication between developers and another developers should be improved to avoid the latest flames and problems you all can see on the mailing lists.

Now I’ll launch a challenge for the community… as many of you know sound herd is currently understaffed i offer the possibility to mentor someone that would like to work on sound herd specially with xmms and the future xmms2 that will be hit portage soon. If you are interested send a mail or come to irc talk to me about this. The candidates should have some knowledge of programming languages, free time and feel excited about this.
Like i said i was working on Gentoo Utils with C#/Mono if anyone wants to help feel free to mail me and lets have fun.

Jingle Bells…

I just want to say merry xmas to everyone…

Be nice this time of the year and don’t eat so much!!

Now in Portuguese…

Bom Natal!

Cuidado com os ovos da pascoa e boas amendoas!!

I have a dream too!

Following Michael Cummings a.k.a. mcummings blog i feel that i should express that i have a dream too of making this project better than the others. Currently i found that i dream about Gentoo to have one of the best xmms support available. Thanks to the previous developers that worked on xmms in Gentoo and now i’m working on it to make it best for all Gentoo Users. And of course following the previous post i want to say Gentoo have the best XMMS packages out there.

As for amd64 i can say almost the same about Gentoo/AMD64 is one of the best projects for x86_64 available and a dreamed about this too. After talking with a couple of friends i found that we support much more features and we have a fully stable system for our Users instead of a unstable, poor documentation and no support for 32bits apps. I don’t say that the other projects aren’t good but i say at least that our project is one of the best projects out there. All this stuff are dreams come true.
We have a big community that help us and developers that give all they know to improve Gentoo.

Let’s all follow this dream of making our project the best out there for every user.

Xmms dedicated day

On Gentoo XMMS still needs love and today i gave XMMS a little love.
I closed a few bugs related to plugins and i added a new package called xmms-speex. So every speex users can from now on use XMMS to play their favorit songs on Gentoo. Of course i had to build a patch for adding -fPIC to the Makefile so it can be able to run on amd64.
After this i tested again the new gentoo-patches for xmms incluing three new patches and i’m pretty sure it will hit portage next week.
I saw a nice skin for xmms maybe i will add it to xmms-themes package too. Thank you Lila devs.

About AMD64 i closed and tested a few more packages this week and fix one package to be able to build with multilib-strict. But there are a few packages that still need multilib-strict love.

My November Screenshot

Doom movie and game

Friday night i went to the cinema to watch doom yeah the movie. Well it’s not a great piece of art but i like it specialy the last 15min. of the film it seemed to me that i was playing in my home. Actually i found the movie very close to the games that’s good because the entire movie was based in the games.
Today i re-installed doom3 on my machine. Nothing more easier then “emerge doom3” then copy the pak files available on the cd’s then run doom. My AMD64 with my loved geforce 6800 GT performed great like i used to.

Tomorrow i will show to my computional physics teacher my laptop powered by Gentoo Linux 2005.1 to work with octave/matlab and ifc(Intel Fortran Compiler) he is very curious about my system. I Hope he will be impressed(again) with the power of Linux for science development. Of course he will see gnome 2.12 in action… i will post a screenshot of my laptop soon.

More bugs closed

Today i closed a few more xmms related bugs. Most of the bugs i closed are old bugs of unmaintained plugins from upstream that needed love.
Now i’m working on xmms-1.2.10-gentoo-patches-2.3.1 that will fix a few bugs and i’m thinking in adding a few enhancements to these patches. If you have some patches that you think it’s ready for gentoo patches mail me and i will review it. This week i will commit xmms-1.2.10-r16 with the new patches and i hope i will have some free time to commit a new cvs snapshot from xmms. Today i saw the long list of open bugs assigned to maintainer-wanted and i probably can commit a few xmms plugins that would be very useful for xmms fans.
About xmms2 the best way is to wait for DR3 release and fix the multilib-strict issue with scons then maybe i will commit to the tree.

About sound cleaning thanks to Diego “Flameeyes” i got almost 50 open bugs for xmms assigned to me.
/me kicks Flameeyes
j/k 😛

btw… Looks like arts plugin is very buggy on xmms like flac too. Upstream please fix that :P.

For AMD64 i closed a security bug and tested/keyworded a few more apps too. I Hope you enjoy 😉