Brasero 0.5.2 released!

I’m here to announce Brasero 0.5.2 release:

This release marks the change of lots of things. Philippe invited me to help maintain and i’m very pleased with that because i love brasero and finally an app that fits everything i wanted on gnome desktop.
Now we use Gnome svn, our development site at and the new Homepage at Gnome Projects. I already bumped on Gentoo tree and i hope other distros pick up this. I’m almost sure this will be the more stable release ever made of Brasero. And now a Bonus Brasero got Tango icons love.
Now the Changelog:

2006 : 0.5.2
Release from the stable series
– Fixed log size to 1MB that was causing problems closing #377198
– Added Support for libisofs >=0.2.4 patch from Denis Leroy and
Luis Medinas closing #395594
– Minor Change on Brasero desktop entry
– New brasero icon by Ulisse (
– Fix for bug #399962 (Large file support now enabled)
– Fix audio title set to “null” (#401340)
– Fix #378061
– New icon for blank action by Josef Vybiral (

If you need some help or discuss we are at #brasero and we now use Gnome bugzilla too we will be happy to fix bugs and review patches if you want to help us.

Happy burning

One thought on “Brasero 0.5.2 released!”

  1. I love brasero. It’s just the right thing to burn CDs/DVDs.

    I have a question about LightScribe. Would it be complicated to add LightScribe as a feature to brasero?

    Greetings, Johannes

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