Gentoo artwork ??


Here is a call for help for something that wasn’t done before on the Gentoo Project. Start a new Gentoo artwork herd.

I talked with a few users of lila (like i am too) and they did a wonderful job of creating artwork for Gentoo. But the things never get so good to get the artwork on the main tree and the project was going down :(.

So this is a call for every designers and developer who want’s to build a new artwork project for gentoo. The goal is to have a complete set of artwork for Gentoo which needs to contain wallpapers,icons, gtk and qt themes, gensplash (optional since we already have) and possibly help maintain packages on the x11-themes category of course starting with lila would be good.
I can mentor one or two prospective developers to work on this project. If you are interested you can reach me at gentoo-desktop @ or via mail