Back from a fast vacations

Thursday i went to Algarve with four of my friends in vacations (long nights drinking beers). But i have to say Alentejo still rocks. hehe

Now i’m back and closed a few bugs and put myself maintainer (along with media-optical herd) in two outdated applications nrg2iso and burncdda. Obviously i keyworded a few packages for AMD64.

During the last week i put cdrtools-2.01.01_alpha03 in package.mask because it’s not stable enough to it ~keywords. I will continue to work on this package because at least Diego (Flameeyes) told me that it’s working very good in Gentoo/fbsd.

Another day

Today i worked on some version bumps for ghostscript-esp and acroread. For ghostscript i used the patchset from fedora that works very good on this package with our patches and i will commit soon (right after fixing the -fPIC issue on amd64).

During this last days i asked Pylon if i could join media-optical herd and he said ok. Great! Right after i did a few version bumps and start working on media-optical bugs. For amd64 i closed a few bugs related to keywords and help test a few packages. According with GWN we closed 94 bugs Wow! that was really good. Thanks to all AT‘s for your great job.
For this week i expect to close a few more bugs and start writing new AMD64 documentation.

My First Entry on Planet Gentoo

Hello World! This is my first entry on Planet Gentoo heheh.

I’m a recent developer on gentoo and my work at this time is for AMD64 and Printing. I Hope i will do my best for this project. For now i’m trying to close a few printing bugs, do some version bumps and for AMD64 right now i’m keywording the packages thanks to our arch testers and maintaining documentation. About Arch Testers i was one too and i feel that this is a good project for Gentoo it helps improving QA and giving some free time to developers to working on complicated bugs.