Exams and lot’s of work

Last 3 weeks were like hell… lot’s of work. I mean presentations, tests and some research for my university projects.

I’ve been looking at dashboard project and i get two little patches commited just for building and get dashboard working again. For that joe sugest me to write a beagle-ui-0.0.pc file for beagle that will be available on the next beagle version 0.2.7. After this dashboard can use it and build again. I really like dashboard project and i like to see it alive again (yes there’s a SOC project for that) and i will contribute as soon i have some free time.
I’ve fixed a few bugs for beagle on portage too.
Unfortunatly until the end of June i won’t have time for more than a looking a few bugs on our bugzie. But i’m not away… i’m always on irc if you need me but i don’t promiss i can answer you right there heheh.