Banshee bump and cdrtools

Today i bumped banshee, libipoddevice and ipod-sharp. My ipod is working fine like banshee on amd64 so i’ll need to do a few tests before keyworded it. I asked a few ppc users to test it too before i open a bug to ppc team to keyword it. If you experience some problems with it i suggest you to unmask and upgrade mono to 1.1.13 since banshee supports this it.

About cdrtools i’ve been working with the latest alpha and testing it. You can get my experimental packages at my devspace this week.

Banshee works on amd64

Yesterday i pulled some patches from Banshee cvs that make Banshee work again on amd64. The notification area works again and when we play a song it doesn’t crashes like the previous releases. Maybe next release i’ll add the ~amd64 keyword. Good work Aaron, Banshee is awesome.
You can see the patches i pulled from cvs on my devspace.

These days my music players are mono/gtk# based, mainly i use Banshee, Muine and of course sometimes xmms too because i still maintain it and i’m trying to fix some bugs. Muine upstream is now a Gentoo developer (our good friend Latexer) and yes i’m still trying to have some free time to write plugins for both projects(and improve my C# coding skills).