January always a month full of work

It’s true this month is very difficult to me since i’m at university. It’s the first exams time so I’ll be try to studying all month and see if i can pass all classes. This year i hope it will be so fine like the last year.

About Gentoo i began to work on a media-optical page to add to project desktop with faq’s and issues about this team and start thinking in the future. I hope this year will bring some improvements over the last year as for me i would like to bring a few important applications to portage, fixing bugs, helping as much as i can amd64 herd and starting writing some documentation. I already started to code some Gentoo utilities for portage in C# with mono. I’m loving mono and i would like this year to write an app based on GTK# like a package.keywords gui or something. I’m getting more and more involved in Linux Desktop specially on Gentoo i would like to work to improve this area too.

About the flames on -dev i just want to say something… let’s work to have a better distro, meta-distro or whatever you want to call it and stop talking :). The communication between developers and another developers should be improved to avoid the latest flames and problems you all can see on the mailing lists.

Now I’ll launch a challenge for the community… as many of you know sound herd is currently understaffed i offer the possibility to mentor someone that would like to work on sound herd specially with xmms and the future xmms2 that will be hit portage soon. If you are interested send a mail or come to irc talk to me about this. The candidates should have some knowledge of programming languages, free time and feel excited about this.
Like i said i was working on Gentoo Utils with C#/Mono if anyone wants to help feel free to mail me and lets have fun.

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