You may not noticed but metacity-themes have been bumped today. I added 5 ultra-sexy metacity themes to metacity-themes packages. So make your Gnome Desktop more sexy tonight ;).

Ohhh gosh mplayer 1.0rc1 is very very nice… the subtitles and the guy are much better than the previous versions. Keep up with good work guys i might change my dvd player from totem (using xine backend to see menus) to mplayer soon.

Good and Bad News for my Desktop

Ok first the bad news. Banshee 0.11.x using mono 1.2 is broken. Only because mono 1.2 as IO Unix backend broken, i already filed a bug with abock and see if we can get this working. Here is the Aaron post to Banshee Mailing List about it.
“The Unix IO backend in Banshee is broken under Mono 1.2, as you’ve seen.
I found out about this on Sunday I think, but haven’t yet had the time
to look into it, so thank you! Your findings should be helpful for the

I’ll confirm them hopefully later today, but it would be helpful if you
could post your findings to that bug.

The code in Banshee *should* work (it always has before), so I think
this is a regression in Mono and needs to be fixed. However, I’ll
probably look for a workaround for Banshee 0.11.3.”

The good news for Gnome as i fixed the nautilus bug about the “flying” desktop icons and is all up-to-date according to ftp releases. All except gnomemm and java-gnome bindings. You can see the progress of gnome 2.16 towards to stable here. If you want to speed things a bit helps us fixing this bugs.

Gentoo artwork ??


Here is a call for help for something that wasn’t done before on the Gentoo Project. Start a new Gentoo artwork herd.

I talked with a few users of lila (like i am too) and they did a wonderful job of creating artwork for Gentoo. But the things never get so good to get the artwork on the main tree and the project was going down :(.

So this is a call for every designers and developer who want’s to build a new artwork project for gentoo. The goal is to have a complete set of artwork for Gentoo which needs to contain wallpapers,icons, gtk and qt themes, gensplash (optional since we already have) and possibly help maintain packages on the x11-themes category of course starting with lila would be good.
I can mentor one or two prospective developers to work on this project. If you are interested you can reach me at gentoo-desktop @ or via mail