Vacations almost finished

This is the last week of summer vacations next week i’m going to university to my 5th semester.

During the last days i started package new applications that i might commit to the tree. I found two applications for cdr and two for gnome desktop. About old packages i adopt two packages without maintainer and add them to media-optical. During this week i commit two packages, the first one was a C++ framework for gnome called bakery and the second one was a user submitted ebuild called tmsnc that is a console msn client.
Yesterday i upgrade my gnome to 2.12(rc actually) and from the first impression is “It’s close to perfection now” heheh totem is looking really good and the new default theme clearlooks is very pretty. Being a big bluecurve and gnome fan i think this time i will change to clearlooks. Here is my brand new screenshot enjoy.