Mono use flag unmasked on amd64

If you are a Gentoo/Amd64 user you probably noticed that we have mono- stable on amd64 and the mono use flag unmasked. This is now a safe step to stable users since the tree is ready for it.
After this i keyworded almost every popular package available in the tree. So if you found any package that isn’t keyworded please test it and report a bug to us.

After all this mono goodness i’m working on a few open bugs from muine.
Talking about this stuff, gnome 2.14 works great too it’s almost ported to gentoo (final release). This release is awesome, it’s very fast compared to 2.12 and gnome-terminal is much more functional and easy to manage.

Now enjoy!!


After the problems with bmpx and quodlibet upstream that keep me upset for a few days i imported two packages of banshee 0.10.7 to portage. The first one and unmasked it’s a packages that only builds with gstreamer 0.8 and the second one (currently masked but very stable imo) supports only gstreamer 0.10. I encourage all people to test the banshee-0.10.7_p1 (masked one) and report bugs to us if is packaging related or to upstream if is about the rest.

This week i imported too a new package called cowbell. It’s a tag application for your music library, it’s very useful and pretty :P. Of course thanks to mono goodness.

Talking about mono we are working with latexer to unmask the mono use flag on amd64 you can read my post on the ml about it. Feel free to test and report bugs to us (specially on the stable tree).