Doom movie and game

Friday night i went to the cinema to watch doom yeah the movie. Well it’s not a great piece of art but i like it specialy the last 15min. of the film it seemed to me that i was playing in my home. Actually i found the movie very close to the games that’s good because the entire movie was based in the games.
Today i re-installed doom3 on my machine. Nothing more easier then “emerge doom3” then copy the pak files available on the cd’s then run doom. My AMD64 with my loved geforce 6800 GT performed great like i used to.

Tomorrow i will show to my computional physics teacher my laptop powered by Gentoo Linux 2005.1 to work with octave/matlab and ifc(Intel Fortran Compiler) he is very curious about my system. I Hope he will be impressed(again) with the power of Linux for science development. Of course he will see gnome 2.12 in action… i will post a screenshot of my laptop soon.