Xorg 7 r0x

Today i upgraded my xorg to 7.0 and the upgrade was very smooth. I followed Donnie guide and it went awesome without a single break. Now it’s time to all packages maintainers on Gentoo to update their modular dependencies (including me) something i’ll do after the exams.
Great job xorg developers i noticed good improvements over the last release and of course modular is far better imo.

I commited the new cdrecord-prodvd version into portage but it went like i was expected. Looks like Schilly made a mistake on versioning the new release as beta03. He should bump it into a major version instead of adding beta because it will confuse users who want’s to run -prodvd. This issue was fixed on Gentoo Portage by versioning the release as _p03.

I bumped Tango Icon Themes in Portage too and these icons are amazing (i use it on all my machines), if during a month there won’t be any bugs i’ll mark this version (0.6.5) stable.