cdrkit on Gentoo part2

Today i bumped cdrkit on our tree. Like i said previously on a bug i added a virtual/cdrtools and made a symlink to cdrecord so it can be used by every frontend. After this i open a bug #146631 so every arch can test it and keyword it.
Please test this application so we can unmask it soon.

Today i helped again Phillip from Brasero to port this awesome Gnome application to nautilus-burn 2.16. Good Job Phillip.
Yeah he knows it was a pain but here i am to help you :P. I added the development version to portage (masked) 0.4.90 and tomorrow after the 0.4.4 release that wasn’t ready for nautilus-burn 2.16 i will commit too.

Gentoo is with cdrkit

Long time i don’t blog… i’m sorry i know i’m lazy.

I sent this mail to gentoo-dev mailing list today.

“Now i know the real story since i’ve been talking with Debian
Maintainers. So there’s isn’t anything to say but we are working close
to upstream and they actually offer commit access to maintainers of
another distros. Cdrkit project sounds much more like an open project
than cdrtools so i’ll be with them. This was pretty much what happened
with Xfree/Xorg. So cdrtools will be the “close” project and cdrkit the
“open” project. Like i said before Gentoo joined this new project.
Now the license problems are fixed and we can ship this on our portage
tree tarballs for our new releases etc…

The package is in the tree and it’s asking for testing before i can
remove it from pkg.mask and provide the cdrtools virtual.”

Ok i think i don’t have to tell anything more…