More bugs closed

Today i closed a few more xmms related bugs. Most of the bugs i closed are old bugs of unmaintained plugins from upstream that needed love.
Now i’m working on xmms-1.2.10-gentoo-patches-2.3.1 that will fix a few bugs and i’m thinking in adding a few enhancements to these patches. If you have some patches that you think it’s ready for gentoo patches mail me and i will review it. This week i will commit xmms-1.2.10-r16 with the new patches and i hope i will have some free time to commit a new cvs snapshot from xmms. Today i saw the long list of open bugs assigned to maintainer-wanted and i probably can commit a few xmms plugins that would be very useful for xmms fans.
About xmms2 the best way is to wait for DR3 release and fix the multilib-strict issue with scons then maybe i will commit to the tree.

About sound cleaning thanks to Diego “Flameeyes” i got almost 50 open bugs for xmms assigned to me.
/me kicks Flameeyes
j/k 😛

btw… Looks like arts plugin is very buggy on xmms like flac too. Upstream please fix that :P.

For AMD64 i closed a security bug and tested/keyworded a few more apps too. I Hope you enjoy 😉

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