xmms final thoughts

During the last few days lot’s of different opinions were around our community. Some users don’t care about the removal but others start flamming and they want to keep xmms on the tree.
After i go to vacations the sound team (including me) agreed it’s the right time to remove it from the tree because i’m not willing to maintain it anymore. The main reason is that xmms have a dead upstream and we did lot’s of work to keep it sane (you can check our work here).
Now i encourage anyone to merge xmms to an overlay (sunrise might be a good option to be maintained by the community).
Another thing i have to say is that xmms2 isn’t a replacement for the old xmms. It’s a new media player that only shares the name and the developers team.
A few other distribuitons don’t install xmms by default too. They keep xmms on other repositories far from the main tree with the same reason we have.
Lot’s of users complain about the way we did this decision but a few months back we discuss it on gentoo-dev mailing list and we all agreed that it must be removed. So this wasn’t a decision we took last week or in the last days.

Now i encourage every user to test new alternatives, report bugs and claim new features to other media players available on the tree so we all can forget xmms from once and for all. Look there’s lot’s of nice players on the tree. Personaly i use Banshee and Muine this applications rock my desktop. Remember all OSS community shouldn’t be tied to the past we should “inovate” and we should “like to inovate”.
So now i hope everyone calm down we aren’t going to remove KDE or Gnome tomorrow or your favorit piece of software without any good reason. We are opensource lovers too and we do the best we can to love it and inovated it.

7 thoughts on “xmms final thoughts”

  1. Your guys are fucking idiots. I’ve treid the alternatives, they all suck shit compared to xmms. They are all less stable, they all have shit UI design. Thanks a fucking million!

  2. Audacious doesn’t support MOD files out of the box. When XMMS came out, MP3’s didn’t even EXIST!

    XMMS has OpenGL visualisations, which other players support that?

    None of the mentioned “Replacements” are similar to xmms in my limited opinion.

  3. Well said!!

    I’ve used XMMS over years and I loved it, but I also know that this program has to die because of its age and maintenance status.

    Luis, Diego and Seemant.. you did a very excellent job with keeping it alive for so long (I’ll drink to that!) and your decision was right. XMMS (1) isn’t worth no more the bunch of work. Let’s all await XMMS2 or choosing an alternative.

    So many people are upset, but they should face the known facts.
    The situation is comparable to a 98 years old fellow, after his fourth heart-attack including several kinds of cancer.
    The chance to survive this are minimal.
    It’s really sad, but we all know it has to come.

    Let’s wave good bye to the old sailor in honor and hand-salute him in a military manner (if you want to..)..
    The captains let him down, so don’t blame the wharf for letting the old man go.
    That is, IMO, the farewell XMMS (1) deserves..

    The Gronf..

    P.S.: Sorry for my bad english..it’s not my mothertongue..

  4. Thanks to the xmms software I have discovered music under linux, it was one of my favourite program and I’ve never look anywhere else to play music.
    But now it has disapeared, I’ve checked for an other software, a better software and I’ve discovered that other software has made the same work better, and I would like to thank you for making me looking to them.

  5. Tested the alternatives,… audacious feels more broken than xmms ever did, and the rest doesn’t even come close. They are different players developed with different users and philosophies in mind etc,…

    I want xmms back.


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