Xmms dedicated day

On Gentoo XMMS still needs love and today i gave XMMS a little love.
I closed a few bugs related to plugins and i added a new package called xmms-speex. So every speex users can from now on use XMMS to play their favorit songs on Gentoo. Of course i had to build a patch for adding -fPIC to the Makefile so it can be able to run on amd64.
After this i tested again the new gentoo-patches for xmms incluing three new patches and i’m pretty sure it will hit portage next week.
I saw a nice skin for xmms maybe i will add it to xmms-themes package too. Thank you Lila devs.

About AMD64 i closed and tested a few more packages this week and fix one package to be able to build with multilib-strict. But there are a few packages that still need multilib-strict love.

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