Xmms updates

Today i updated xmms-scrobbler with 2 patches from the Debian maintainer and xmms-wma with a patch made by eradicator and modified by me. Next week i plan to release xmms-1.2.10-gentoo-patches-2.3.1 with new patches. One that set gentoo-ice the default skin (to clean the ebuild) and a few patches from upstream to close bugs related to flac. Maybe i will add a few more skins to xmms-themes package for that i will look this week for a few cool skins to add to this package. It’s was nice if somebody saves me time and point me a few good looking skins for xmms(specially related to gentoo) and mail me.
If you have some patch you think it’s good for xmms feel free to open a bug assigned to me and i will commit after i review the patch. About xmms2 next week i will probably begin to work on it and in a few frontends to test,test and test before commit to portage.

This week again don’t expect too much from me(again) because i have 2 tests at university and a birthday party.
I’d like to say amd64 team have two new ATs and their nicks are KristinG and cokehabit congrats both.

Yesterday i finally finish install e17 and i must say i’m impressed. It looks really great and feels like a new desktop for me. Maybe i will switch from gnome to e17 soon.

A month after my last blog entry

Yep it’s true more than one month i didn’t blog. During this time i begin my classes at the university and i was very busy doing the receptions to the new freshmans. Yes we have a ritual that we called “praxe” and we joke and teach a few things to the freshmans (just like the army).
This year i will have to do intensive work with matlab/octave(as usual), maple, FORTRAN(as usual) and big news is python because it’s a very easy and powerful coding language to work with physics/math problems.
Yesterday was my birthday and it was a normal day like the others and so i was having fun with friends, taking launch with parents and go out for shopping. Ok i promised to my friends i will pay a couple of beers to them next Wednesday so don’t expect too much from me that day.

About Gentoo i’ve been busy with the usual herds i’m part and now like Diego told before here in planet i’m the new XMMS maintainer. I would like to say that Jeremy “eradicator” did an excellent job maintaining XMMS for all these years and i want to continue his job maintaining XMMS.
All users can sleep good again 🙂 because XMMS have a new maintainer for Gentoo. If you want to tell me something about XMMS(bugs, suggestions or helping) feel free to join #gentoo-media @ irc.freenode.net.
For now i’m trying to close bugs and do some version bumps for XMMS plugins then maybe i will add a few new plugin packages to portage after stabilize most of the bugs.
When i have some free time i promise i will start writing an ebuild for xmms2, put it on my devspace, start testing it and add it to portage.

Vacations almost finished

This is the last week of summer vacations next week i’m going to university to my 5th semester.

During the last days i started package new applications that i might commit to the tree. I found two applications for cdr and two for gnome desktop. About old packages i adopt two packages without maintainer and add them to media-optical. During this week i commit two packages, the first one was a C++ framework for gnome called bakery and the second one was a user submitted ebuild called tmsnc that is a console msn client.
Yesterday i upgrade my gnome to 2.12(rc actually) and from the first impression is “It’s close to perfection now” heheh totem is looking really good and the new default theme clearlooks is very pretty. Being a big bluecurve and gnome fan i think this time i will change to clearlooks. Here is my brand new screenshot enjoy.

Back from a fast vacations

Thursday i went to Algarve with four of my friends in vacations (long nights drinking beers). But i have to say Alentejo still rocks. hehe

Now i’m back and closed a few bugs and put myself maintainer (along with media-optical herd) in two outdated applications nrg2iso and burncdda. Obviously i keyworded a few packages for AMD64.

During the last week i put cdrtools-2.01.01_alpha03 in package.mask because it’s not stable enough to it ~keywords. I will continue to work on this package because at least Diego (Flameeyes) told me that it’s working very good in Gentoo/fbsd.

Another day

Today i worked on some version bumps for ghostscript-esp and acroread. For ghostscript i used the patchset from fedora that works very good on this package with our patches and i will commit soon (right after fixing the -fPIC issue on amd64).

During this last days i asked Pylon if i could join media-optical herd and he said ok. Great! Right after i did a few version bumps and start working on media-optical bugs. For amd64 i closed a few bugs related to keywords and help test a few packages. According with GWN we closed 94 bugs Wow! that was really good. Thanks to all AT‘s for your great job.
For this week i expect to close a few more bugs and start writing new AMD64 documentation.

My First Entry on Planet Gentoo

Hello World! This is my first entry on Planet Gentoo heheh.

I’m a recent developer on gentoo and my work at this time is for AMD64 and Printing. I Hope i will do my best for this project. For now i’m trying to close a few printing bugs, do some version bumps and for AMD64 right now i’m keywording the packages thanks to our arch testers and maintaining documentation. About Arch Testers i was one too and i feel that this is a good project for Gentoo it helps improving QA and giving some free time to developers to working on complicated bugs.