Banshee works on amd64

Yesterday i pulled some patches from Banshee cvs that make Banshee work again on amd64. The notification area works again and when we play a song it doesn’t crashes like the previous releases. Maybe next release i’ll add the ~amd64 keyword. Good work Aaron, Banshee is awesome.
You can see the patches i pulled from cvs on my devspace.

These days my music players are mono/gtk# based, mainly i use Banshee, Muine and of course sometimes xmms too because i still maintain it and i’m trying to fix some bugs. Muine upstream is now a Gentoo developer (our good friend Latexer) and yes i’m still trying to have some free time to write plugins for both projects(and improve my C# coding skills).

6 thoughts on “Banshee works on amd64”

  1. My only major sore spot in going pure 64-bit was losing Banshee. This comes as great news!

    Any chances of getting an experimental e-build w/ said patches?

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