VLC Days vs Airfrance

Today I got an interesting email from airfrance…

> Dear Madam, dear Sir,
> We inform you that the flight AF1103 18/12 TURIN PARIS is cancelled.
> We thank you for your understanding.
> Please do not respond to this mail.

I’m heading to the airport now to see what’s going on wish me luck =)


I got some snow delays but in the end I managed to get to the Epitech (many thanks to jb that guided me sms by sms ^^).

The VLC Days were quite nice (a bit sad that what I wanted to show about feng got killed by the network crash) and hopefully we’ll meet again in fosdem =)

The Troll beer got appreciated (so much that _somebody_ proposed it as official FFmpeg beer, I’ll contact them soon to see if they like the idea)

That said I’m about to fight snow delays again to reach Narita, wish me good luck ^^

Alive again

During August I was supposed to prepare something new for the LScube project.
I was supposed to do a bit more for the Summer of Code (Sorry Keiji and Seraphim) and the FFmpeg project (libswscale isn’t yet in shape I know).

Sadly I spent about a month with a bad pneumonia and just now I’m starting to catch up really. (I hoped to stay better before but, as my 2 miss on council meetings shown, wasn’t ok yet)

Diego is doing a wonderful job rationalizing LScube suite, Ale almost finished his Flux (started as a way to show me that C++ isn’t the problem, just people misusing it), Michael decided to make libswscale the default in FFmpeg forcing more people taking care about it.

What now?

Well first I’ll try to not miss new council meetings (and I’ll ask Chrissy and Diego to back me up when happens I cannot be there).

I have some pending stuff about libswscale that will end up having a better structure to provide arch specific optimizations, once they hit I’ll try to do again a witch hunt over ffmpeg using applications to provide the new libavcodec in portage.

Hopefully the next feng (and friends) release will hit portage and the stale fenice and libnemesi will be replaced accordingly ^^;

There is plenty of new stuff on the CELL land to be tried and provided (like mars)

I’ll try to take some time to merge the openmoko patches to the new (and gcc-4 building) qemu so I won’t have to provide an qemu-openmoko to help people interested in getting Gentoo on the freerunner (openrc could help a bit the boot time possibly and bitbake is a bit annoying from time to time)

Last but not least Syoyo is getting his blazing fast renderer Lucille to be usable even by common people.

Lots is happening (with and without me) =)

YAGU – Yet another global update

– Ps3/Cell: I eventually fixed the binutils in order to get it build for spu-elf, I’m about to unbreak better gcc since someone thought NOTE_INSN_EXPECTED_VALUE wouldn’t be of any use, while the spu.md is using it for the cmp instructions… (needless to say my workaround isn’t working that well…), tomorrow hopefully I’ll update the patchset either with the revert of this patch or with a proper solution (hard since I’m not that proficient in gcc internals =/), I’m afraid of glibc…

– Fenice/lscube: trac + git is a no go, trac itself or setuputils on the fedora server that is streaming is from bad to idiotic or maybe it’s just me unproficient, add also that gitweb seems unavailable as fedora and you get an interesting picture, importing is easy, working almost (once everybody figures the commands), so there some uncertain about a full transition.

– Personal life: You can use anything happens to you to improve, still I’m afraid I won’t develop the ability to teleport and/or timeshift in order to improve the situation, anyway I’m unfeeling better.

– University: I’m forced to do something in mono for an exam and obviously I have about 30h to learn enough gtk# to do that, luckly glade is always glade…