YAGU – Yet another global update

– Ps3/Cell: I eventually fixed the binutils in order to get it build for spu-elf, I’m about to unbreak better gcc since someone thought NOTE_INSN_EXPECTED_VALUE wouldn’t be of any use, while the spu.md is using it for the cmp instructions… (needless to say my workaround isn’t working that well…), tomorrow hopefully I’ll update the patchset either with the revert of this patch or with a proper solution (hard since I’m not that proficient in gcc internals =/), I’m afraid of glibc…

– Fenice/lscube: trac + git is a no go, trac itself or setuputils on the fedora server that is streaming is from bad to idiotic or maybe it’s just me unproficient, add also that gitweb seems unavailable as fedora and you get an interesting picture, importing is easy, working almost (once everybody figures the commands), so there some uncertain about a full transition.

– Personal life: You can use anything happens to you to improve, still I’m afraid I won’t develop the ability to teleport and/or timeshift in order to improve the situation, anyway I’m unfeeling better.

– University: I’m forced to do something in mono for an exam and obviously I have about 30h to learn enough gtk# to do that, luckly glade is always glade…

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