VLC Days vs Airfrance

Today I got an interesting email from airfrance…

> Dear Madam, dear Sir,
> We inform you that the flight AF1103 18/12 TURIN PARIS is cancelled.
> We thank you for your understanding.
> Please do not respond to this mail.

I’m heading to the airport now to see what’s going on wish me luck =)


I got some snow delays but in the end I managed to get to the Epitech (many thanks to jb that guided me sms by sms ^^).

The VLC Days were quite nice (a bit sad that what I wanted to show about feng got killed by the network crash) and hopefully we’ll meet again in fosdem =)

The Troll beer got appreciated (so much that _somebody_ proposed it as official FFmpeg beer, I’ll contact them soon to see if they like the idea)

That said I’m about to fight snow delays again to reach Narita, wish me good luck ^^

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