The Master Cleanse: Day 3

And then there were three…

My sister’s fiance backed out of his master cleanse programme. They went to the mall, and he went through the food court, with all its smells of pizza and who knows what else, and that did him in. They got home and he made pasta with garlic bread. He feels guilty about it, of course, but he’ll try again the next time. It’s definitely a difficult thing to keep at, especially in the first few days. Those cravings!
And more so than the cravings is the simple desire to put solid food into your mouth. Chewing and all that.

For Aimee and I the day started ok. We lay in bed till late, and then got up to do the flush. Again, for me, there wasn’t much flushed. She had a lot more success. I wonder what’s going on with me. I’ll try again tomorrow morning. If nothing happens, I may reconsider this cleanse this time and reschedule it for January.

The cold that came over me in Oklahoma last Saturday hit me pretty hard. It wasn’t till Thursday that it finally subsided. And now, as of this evening, it hit Aimee. I don’t know if it is the same cold, or a different strain (in which case, should I now be looking forward to another cold?). She’s in bed with a fever. She had some peppermint tea and she took some NyQuil before hitting the sack. She had a slight fever at bedtime. I’m more inclined to take her off the fast, but she’s going to pull it for another day at least and see what it’s like.

Now, because we were so late this morning, she did get a little weak from low blood sugar. A glass and a half of lemonade later, she was feeling much improved. It’s weird for her, because the lemonade does actually cure her hunger, even though it’s not so satisfying. It doesn’t give you a “full” feeling. Or at least not one that lasts more than a few minutes. Being mostly water, it pretty much goes right through you.

So, let’s see how tomorrow goes. This whole fast may come to a halt, or it may not. Will our heroes make it, kids? Tune in!