Moving forward with heimdal

Thanks, torkel, for your comment. You’re right about krb5-config that both mit- and heimdal provide. That binary (or script) just tells the CFLAGS and/or LDFLAGS that this specific krb5 was compiled with and needs to link to, etc, for programmes building against it. That make any sense? So anyway, as part of the kerberos-config script that I’ve referred to before (though I might have inadvertantly and VERY VERY wrongly called it krb5-config. Actually, I just checked and I didn’t, but I also wasn’t clear on the name of the kerberos switcher script. So it is officially going to be kerberos-config.

At this stage of the game, the way I envision (yes, I will test test test and have ebuilds available for you all to test) it is that mit and heimdal will both install renamed binaries (mit-krb5-config and so on) and then kerberos-config will install symlinks with the expected names for typical kerberos install to the specific implementation. If anyone has better ideas etc please do leave me a comment.