New and Improved StreamBase DevZone

Pretty much from the second week of my employment, I had made it my mission to make the DevZone area of the website a lot friendlier. For those of you that had checked out that site when I first mentioned it, you would have noticed that the link took you to a register/login page. Say what? So, in a nutshell, you had to fork over the 411 to get the 411, which in my mind was not a fair trade.

Now, however, is a new time and a different story. We’ve spent a few weeks rehashing the DevZone. Among the changes:

  1. No longer on a subdomain — the new DevZone is off the main site at
  2. The DevZone is now a link on the main navigation bar on the corporate pages
  3. Documentation is opened up entirely — that’s right folks — 900 odd pages of it, free to see
  4. We’ve put up a small training video — essentially it’s StreamBase in 6 minutes (a getting started guide)
  5. a contrib area with code and articles and FAQs and contest winners

There was a lot of work by a lot of people to get that in and going. My favourite change is the disappearance of the .php suffixes on most pages in the DevZone, towards future-proof URLs.

Please go in and check it out. Leave me comments here or on email (or the devzone feedback email) about your thoughts. I hope that we’ve succeeded in making it a friendlier, more inviting and engaging place for people to check out StreamBase, and explore its awesome stream processing power. I hope at least 4 of my 8 readers check it out :p

2 thoughts on “New and Improved StreamBase DevZone”

  1. Nice job! I know how difficult it can be to convince marketing teams that having a registration form as a barrier to entry is almost always a Bad Idea..

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