I hate street parking (Subaru’s SVX’d)

Subject says it all. Bright and early this morning, someone rang on the doorbell (I was still in bed, but Aimee was up). She went downstairs to find a cop asking if we owned a black Subaru. She ran upstairs to tell me that my car had been hit from behind. Apparently, the person strayed too far to the right to avoid oncoming traffic and banged into my car. Pretty much the entire rear end is gone. The driver’s side of the rear has been pushed in so far that the wheel well has collapsed on top of the tire. I didn’t think to take a camera out there, or I’d give you pictorial evidence.

I bought that car while I was living in California (it was a migrant from Pennsylvania, I believe). At the time, it was basically my dream car. I fancied three cars at the time: the Mitsubishi 3000GT (especially the hardtop convertible from 1994, but I have yet to see a used one for sale), the Nissan 300ZX, and the Subaru SVX. Of the three, I liked the looks of the SVX best, and after test driving it, I was totally sold.

Fuji Heavy (Subaru) only built the car from 1992 to 1997, and this was 2000, so the car was well out of production. I managed to get my hands on a black 1992 with grey leather interior — precisely the colour scheme I was looking for. I remember when I saw the internet ad for it. I called up the dealership and had the guy on the phone walk outside to the lot to describe it to me.

My sister was visiting me at the time, so the two of us drove up to the valley to pick it up (she drove the car home). It was like a dream come true. I used to just sit and stare at the car for like the first year I owned it. Even nowadays, I’ll be walking away from it, and I have to turn around and just admire it. The insurance company will probably declare it totaled (due to the monetary value the car that they’ll estimate), and that makes me so sad. I’m rooting for them to fix it, instead.

Maybe because it’s only a few hours old, though, but I don’t feel devastated or angry or anything. Actually, I never felt angry at the other person, just angry at the pathetic parking situation in this town. Ideally, I’d like to keep the car and have it repaired, but if not, I guess that’s how the cookie crumbles. After all, one should not get too attached to material things. I think what made the car most special to me is what I have gone through over the years to keep it (including a repo attempt when I was jobless in California for a while). So it’s definitely a symbol of perseverance for me — my own talisman.

Let’s see what next week holds for my car.