The Master Cleanse: Day 2

Today was a pretty good today. I have had no cravings at all. I’ve been hungry — or rather, I’ve had the inclination to eat — several times today, but nothing overwhelming at all. In fact, I’ve not even had overwhelming urges to drink the lemonade. Since this is Aimee’s first time, she’s had cravings pretty much all day: cinammon rolls and deep-dish chicago style cheese pizza in the morning, and homemade spinach/tomato pizza this evening. And, we stopped by this new plaza near here that has a really good ice-cream shop in it. As we walked by it on our way to a gift shop, she was quite tempted by it. She’s being strong though, which is great. We’re done with Day 2 now, which means that we have a little over a week left!

Oh yeah, remember how I said the salt water flush tasted posionous. Well, it’s no wonder. Remember kids, don’t do things when you’re lacking sleep. Instead of two teaspoons of salt per quart of water, I put in two tablespoons per quart. That explains the nausea, the incredible thirst, etc. Today’s flush was very light — I think my body absorbed all the water instead. Weird, because I did drink quite a lot of water yesterday all day.
Aimee had early morning class, so she skipped the flush. The senna tea did have a painful effect on her this morning though.

It’s weird to see what she’s going through with familiarity from having been through it myself. I’ll say that so far, this second cleanse is going a lot more easily for me.