Complex Event Processing

So, in my learnings and conversations with people over the past week, I’ve just discovered this concept of Complex Event Processing. It’s a fascinating subject — taking a fast moving data stream and performing analysis of it in real time. I’m looking at a (PowerPoint alert!) presentation that say they achieve a 1msec lag in some cases using an on-the-fly db with SQL-like syntax.

This is truly fascinating business. Anyone out there in blogland into this CEP stuff. Tell me all about it, educate me.

Gentoo Tests Your Hardware (and podcasting)

Long time no blog — life’s been busy and crazy, no time to breathe even. World Cup takes up my free time these days: after work, school and homework.

Just wanted to check in and mention the webcast that a few of us were on the Linux Link Tech show last night pimping about Gentoo. Whew that’s a lotta links for one sentence.

True to form, because there were four of us, we kinda stressed their asterisk server. Actually, between the network lag and the dropped call, I’m not sure how coherent any of us were. Judge for yourself I suppose 🙂

Pat and the gang were just great though. Very gracious hosts, and it was a pleasure being on there. I’ve never been on the radio before, and this was a great first time!

Go England (in the World Cup), else Go Ghana, else Go Argentina, else Go Brazil.

South East Asian Restaurant

Heh, it’s not a generic description, it’s the actual name of the place. I went there this week for lunch with a friend of mine and with Aron and his lovely wife, Amy. Now before I get into my mini-review/ranking of the place, let me just say this. All this seeming obsession with food has got a purpose. And this post shows that purpose. More after the nitty gritty. (I should sell advertising in this space right here, shouldn’t I?).

Aron told us all about xen and ia64 and his work involving both. Amy told us about her recent work with inotify. She’s modest so she described it as “some stuff”. The link and details are from Aron. And me, I have no shame, so I’m boasting on her behalf as well. And of course Justin regaled us with some comedy.

The food itself — for the price you simply can not complain. They have a great variety of stuff, and even for the vegetarians among us. All the meateaters (which consisted of everyone except for Aron, Amy and me) were pretty happy with it. Spicy food galore! Yummy and tasty, and I’m going back there for sure. The Griffises mentioned another Indian veg. restaurant in the area that we’ve been looking for but never seem to find. We always wind up at other Indian restaurants that have sprouted up in this one restaurant’s former locations. That includes the new #1 in Framingham. Go figure.

Now the reason? Great food, great company, great opportunities to get together with Gentoo developers and other smart people to talk about technology, linux, gentoo and so on. I always find these things very refreshing and energising. Notice how I met up with Aron yesterday and fixed a couple of bugs. I think that’s a pattern.

And so there you have it, mystery solved. I’ll hopefully put up a recipe for Rach soon.

UTemptations with XTerm

Just a quick note, while I’m on lunch break waiting for the missus, watching a few Dennis Bergkamp, about xterm and the virtual/utempter.

I’ve switched all xterms to finally depend specifically on libutempter and not virtual/utempter (which was defaulted to sys-apps/utempter, but that has changed). I’ll be killing sys-apps/utempter entirely, as it is unmaintained upstream, and has bugs. A while after that, the virtual will disappear as well. The bugs for reference are: 75943 and 115533.

Edit: Added links. Food blog to follow