Lucas is a hack

So, I haven’t posted in a while, right? I’m not asking, even though that’s a question. Now here’s the thing. I saw that piece of crap that everyone _wanted_ to like (even me) called Episode 1 (The Phantom Menace). The only menace was the movie itself. The phantom? that would be the direction, plot, dialogue, story, etc.

And I totally missed out on Episode 2 (Some Pretentious Title I Know Not). Apparently it was also crap, 2 minutes, except for, of yoda doing something with a “laser.” Or was that the last Austin Powers movie? I dunno, I’m sure someone out there can clarify.

So now it’s time for Episode 3 (The Other Title I Don’t Care to Know), which hopefully rounds out the series. Maybe we can all get on with life after this. Now, my wife is planning on seeing it with a few friends of ours. It seems I’m obligated to join them. spb advised me to do watch it after having had a stiff drink or two. Apparently that’s what he did, and his review follows:

“episode 3 has really cool effects when anakin’s eyes turn evil,
and has obi-wan fighting a four-armed lightsaber-wielding droid
that’s all you need to know”

I’m actually fine with that. Sounds like another 2 minutes, only spread apart to keep your attention.

Of course, the most sublime review I heard was this:

“Some peoples ejnoy EP III and some peoples not, I
cannot say, which side I should to choose. Movie is not so bad,
and not so dark and mystery like Lucas want to, and even awsome
Natalie looks strange ;)”

from matti in the old #gentoo-hardened channel.

So, will I or won’t I? I don’t think it’s open to debate, as I rather enjoy spending time with the wife. So in this case, I’ll take one for the team, as it were. I’ll report my findings when I see it.

Oh right, Gentoo news: er, nothing’s happening there, really. Got a few fixes to put in. xterm needs loving, kerberi need loving, samba needs loving.

Bug-Wranglers become bug wranglers again

So, as of a few moments ago: Andrea who manages our mailing lists finally converted bug-wranglers to a proper mailing list (it was weirdly placed in the old mailing list scheme. Additionally it is now restored to its original purpose.

That purpose? So that people can look at incoming bugs and act upon that information by reassigning/closing/dup’ing bugs as needed. I’ll let you in on a sekrit too: it’s been a valuable tool to find potential developers. SpanKY is the prime example of that. There are many many others along the way as well, but he was the first. Well, anyway, about a week ago we noticed that there were a tonne of people on the bug-wranglers mailing list (which is really more of an alias in the way that it works) than I knew about or of. So, we sent an email asking everyone to justify their reasons for being on the list. The non-respondees (apart from the people) were removed from the list.

The new policy is that from now on, if you want to be a bug-wrangler, start helping on bugzilla, you’ll likely get noticed. Jakub is the most recent example of that. That bug points out the other aspect of the bug-wranglers changes. All the non-gentoo people will be put on a list somewhere that infra and others can see.

That’s all for now, seemant out.

Ian Murdock rocks my world

Donnie, now that is a seriously sad situation. The simple hypocrisy of it cheeses me off so much, it’s unreal. Now, I don’t mean to get off on a rant here — but one of my biggest fears before Gentoo moved from Technologies, Inc. to Foundation was the potential for Debianisation. The problem is that in an online democracy (or maybe any democracy for that matter?), you will mostly hear only the vocal minoriry. The happy majority won’t be vocal so long as it’s happy. but the minority is inclined to get incensed about the pettiest of things, and then raise a ruckus (which is not necessarily a bad thing — it’s the reaction times to analysing the validity and then acting upon the ruckus which changes in a democracy).

Take a look at the Desperate Housewives at a Football game and the silliness that that caused, or the Janet Jackson boob thing to see an example of the vocal minority. There are many cases where the minority is, in fact, correct — or at the very least gives you something to think about (the antiwar movement is a good example). But the Housewife/Janet thing is an example of an idiot minority.

Anyway, the point is — hypocrisy really pisses me off. I would hope that Gentoo doesn’t get Debianised, now that we’re a democracy.

Now, just to fend off the people who might flame me for this. First of all — no, I’m not opposed to democracies at all. Second of all, I happen to really like Debian, and third of all — Ian Murdock and Daniel Robbins are two people who get a huge amount of respect and props from me.

Now, what is my frustration? Nothing at all — I’m just ranting 🙂

Oh yeah, and wget will get a new update soon.

600% of cpu, omg I’m so fast and 1337, lol

Hmm, I seem to have lost the content of this post. OK, so anyway, there was some stuff about this thing where this guy did some stuff and some things that was, like, cool. But I can’t find the link any more, so blah.

Update: OK, I found the one I was looking for, but I also found a second, which is actually worse.

What’s this new craze of “Oh how I wish I had a 16-way computer. Instead, I’ll just live my life in some deluded state where I believe I do have a 16-way computer. No, I’ll tone it down — I actually have, in my delusion, a 15-way.” And then why bother filing bugs about things? Wouldn’t it be better to delude those bugs into non-existence, while you’re at it? Oh, and I want a pony.