New Libav Releases

We are preparing a new set of releases with more bugfixes (some eventually fixed thanks to ubsan).

Libav 0.8

With the release of Libav 10 the 0.8 is nominally out of the maintainance window, but we’ll try to get a last update (or few more) to ease the transition, volunteers willing to add a section in the migration guides would be welcome.

Libav 9

The Plain Nine serie is actively maintained and being the last one not sporting reference-counted AVFrames, I warmly suggest to consider migrating to Libav 10.
The new release is expected to appear tomorrow, stay tuned!

Libav 10

Soon we’ll provide the first point release, we are discussing if we should backport the simplified avresample API, I’m working on since it should make much easier the life of people used to the old audio decoding API and expecting interleaved PCM as output.


This weekend everybody had been also busy hammering and linting the native Opus codec Anton wrote and while at it I spent some time on finding and fixing few annoying bugs in vp9.

Libav 11 is shaping up nicely and hopefully soon I’ll get back working on libavformat (MXF, segmented formats and some more) and hopefully I’ll have a preview branch for AVScale next month, as stated this release will be source-compatible with Libav 10, Anton is already busy preparing the API cleanse for Libav 12 later this winter, but you’ll be warned by the time this release is out.

This week I’ll in Berlin for the LinuxTAG, if you have questions I’ll be happy to answer, you’ll find me either at the Gentoo or the VLC booth.

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