Creppolo “l’ottavo nano” and short sighted politicians

Last week I spend some time visiting some friends in Massa, a quite nice city near a quite nice seaside. It’s all fine with sand, sea and the usual places where to relax. We went in a crepe and piadina shop, there we found the owner pretty depressed: he is thinking about closing the shop by the summer.

Though times you think, well no, Creppolo is quite known and lots of people gather there by the day and by the night, if you want to eat something tasty during the night and you are around there you’ll probably end up there… So, why closing? Well apparently the municipality council/major doesn’t like to have shops open the whole night (even if it’s a tourist city in the seaside…) and decided that by 2AM every shop MUST be closed. Creppolo made most of its sells between midnight and 4AM.

That is pretty annoying since I liked that place and pretty annoying for all the other shops that sell stuff at night (there are many). I always appreciate the short-sightedness of the people elected by people.

Today it’s an election day for the Europe, please make sure you don’t miss this chance to vote somebody that won’t spoil your hard work ^^

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