Communication, utf8?, strong words

That’s a follow up from Diego about somebody quite angry that went to vent a bit too much and got quite a backslash. Then he got also some issues with his blogging software hiding all the comments about his rant. Now things are more or less normal and you can read the comments again.

Given I’m the first using strong words about software I dislike (like cmake) I try to be ready to be proven wrong. Since that usually means that that either I got somebody planting some clues on me with the proper bat or things improve in the mean time, both cases usually I’m happy/happier to be proven wrong. Being wrong is something that may happen.

Now, I hope that what Matti and Boudewijn did was out of frustration, since I assume that after stupidity and before malice. If you release something it’s YOUR FAULT if it’s broken since YOU are the committer in your tree. Smearing other people to cover the fact YOU, too, messed up is plainly wrong…

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