Misc updates again

I spent much of my time trying to get the whole LScube project more alive, so far it’s just a slow start:

I moved the development to git ( https://live.polito.it/gitweb ) and now I’m trying to update the website to a newer drupal and with more documentation. Since the forums are just a spam magnet I guess I’ll nuke them, if you want to contact us just use irc or email =P

I put the efika in use to stress test the streaming server, you can watch




(both streams are h264+mp3, not many clients could handle that… Yet)

Hopefully a Feng release will appear soon.

That’s for the streaming stuff.

Now, I have a ps3 working and eventually managed to configure and install it, I already found something itchy: git’s ppcsha1+64ul == KaBOOM, I hope it’s just due my test with bleeding edge compilers but I’m afraid not. So far I’m quite impressed by the ps3, just a pity I’m slow in doing something nice there…

More will follow


2 thoughts on “Misc updates again”

  1. hi Lu.

    just streamed the 2 AVC’s in .MOV container
    with XP.

    it might be my MPC codec settings but it doesnt seem to like these .MOV and crashs

    the VLC works ok though, what did you use
    use to encode them (x264?)into MOV (vlc?)

    perhaps another container other than MOV might work better.

    im on 10mbit down and got some pixalisationso dont know if the originals are ok at the bitrate, just though you might want a report, no biggy.

  2. the .mov you are seeing is completely cosmetic, what you get is RTP ^^ So, no you aren’t watching a mov, the only players that support the stream out of box are vlc and gstreamer.

    the movies are produced by feeding ffmpeg with the original data.

    Some artifacts are due a client (rtsp library) side issue: it seems to have a buffer too small to handle certain frames.

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