Cairo-Dock in the destkop-effects overlay

After another “short” break in my blog posts and just a few days late, I’m here to let anyone willing to try out cairo-dock that version has been sitting in the desktop-effects overlay for sometime now.

commit edd596311612d17a6ec482a9cc8b47086a74be20
Author: Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto (jmbsvicetto) <>
Date:   Sat Dec 20 13:45:34 2008 -0100

    Added cairo-dock- - thanks to Bill Smith <sememmon at gmail dot com> for the ebuild.

I’ll be testing version 2.0.0-beta2.1 in the next days, so expect to see updated ebuilds soon. It would be helpful to get some feedback about cairo-dock to evaluate if it would be a good addition to the tree or not.
Thanks Bill for nagging me about this and sorry for the delay.

3 thoughts on “Cairo-Dock in the destkop-effects overlay”

  1. Nice knowing that it came around.
    I’ll add the overlay and test it.
    I did use the 1.6.3 with Arch and found it nice/stable but very Gnome centric.

  2. I love Cairo-dock! This is the only one that I could actually install in Jaunty Alpha 6. I tried Screenlets, Desklets, and Google Gadgets. I was able to install the Google Gadgets, but, they didn’t have the same effects that Cairo-dock does. I wanted it to look like the OSX’s Widgets and it does.

  3. I found cairo-dock-plugins- x86 build in sabayon overlay and unfortunately it crashes now and then with segmentation fault. Cannot try other versions since it is for other architecture

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