MySQL 5.1.58, double */mysql/mysql for include and lib dirs, missing patches and broken 07110 patch

If you’ve hit any issues after updating to dev-db/mysql-5.1.58 in the tree or the mysql overlay, please test out the new dev-db/mysql-5.1.58-r1. The list of issues you may have hit include packages failing to build by not finding mysql.h, failing to link by not finding -lmysqld, getting an error for missing mysql user and or group or if you used the overlay in between the initial error and the final resolution, failing to apply patch 07110.

The list of bugs that have been fixed by the revbump include:

This should all be fixed now. If you hit any of these issues again, please reopen the respective bugs and or poke me about it.

My apologies for this “mess”, but this was the first release using the new eclasses, mysql-v2 and mysql-autotools to be put in the tree.

This means we’re getting little testing from the community on the ebuilds in the mysql overlay. I’m going to ask for volunteers to improve this, but I’ll leave that for the next blog post.