compiz-0.7.8 is clear to land

If you look at ${PORTDIR}/profiles/ChangeLog, you’ll see the following entry:

$ less `portageq portdir`/profiles/ChangeLog

  31 Oct 2008; Jorge Manuel B. S. Vicetto <>
  Removed the compiz-fusion-0.7.8 mask now that it has been in the tree for
  a few days.

Have fun with compiz-fusion 0.7.8 and join us in #gentoo-desktop-effects on freenode or oftc and if you find a bug and report it in our Bugzilla be sure to assign it to the desktop-effects at gentoo dot org team.


Just a small note that compiz-0.7.8 has landed on a tree close to you.

After it was added on 2008-09-26 to the desktop-effects overlay, compiz-0.7.8 has now been committed to the tree. The 0.7.8 release is currently hard masked pending a final review, but should be unmasked in the next couple of days.

This version uses EAPI-2, so it will require a PM that supports EAPI-2 (currently that means a testing version from one of the 3 PMs). It’s possible (preferred) to install compiz-fusion by grabbing the compiz-fusion set from the desktop-effects overlay sets dir.

KDE-4.1.2 is waiting for you

If you look at ${PORTDIR}/profiles/ChangeLog, you’ll see the following:

10 Oct 2008; Marcus D. Hanwell <> package.mask:
Unmasked KDE 4.1.2 and associated dependencies/extras at long last. Sorry
about the delay!

So, you can now have fun upgrading to 4.1.2 without having to unmask the packages. Everyone currently using the kde-testing overlay for 4.1.2, should stop using it as we’re removing all 4.1.2 packages that are put in the tree. For the moment, we’ll keep a few misc packages in the overlay, including koffice that was recently added and amarok-1.92.2 until it’s fixed to work with mysql/e.

Anyone upgrading should read carefully the KDE 4.X guide. Pay particular attention to the sets section and to some caveats while updating from previous 4.1.1 ebuilds offered through the overlays.

KDE4 status

As some of you may have noticed 😉 KDE-4.1.2 was released on October 3rd after a 2 day delay for some ABI breakage and despite the news in contrary, no Gentoo is not dying, the ebuilds for this release hit the tree before the tarballs were made available by KDE.

Why are the ebuilds still masked? When will they move to ~arch? The mask was put in place to prevent issues while the ebuilds were committed (it took more than 6 hours) and while the tarballs weren’t made public. The p. mask is still in place because we’re trying to solve a few final issues regarding the integration of kde-3.5 and kde-4.1 and while we get some docs ready to help install kde-4.1. We plan to take it out of p. mask ASAP – I was hoping for this weekend, but it wasn’t possible.

So KDE is getting back on track in Gentoo, hey KDE-4.1.2 got to the tree before GNOME-2.24 😉 and we’ll start reviewing the bugs that have been piling up. As always, any help is most welcome, so if you’re interested read how to help and don’t forget to check the
KDE HT page.

Everyone wishing to use KDE-4.1 should read the KDE-4.1 Guide.