Amarok-2.2.0/1 and >=binutils-2.20

I’ve just bumped media-sound/amarok in the tree to 2.2.1-r1 which includes some missing deps.
Even though 2.2.1 hit the tree before the official release, I’m a few days behind in the bump and unmasking it – the mask should be out when you read this.
Unfortunately, amarok-2.2.0 and amarok-2.2.1 segfault on start when built with >=binutils-2.20 even though they have no issue starting with >=binutils-2.20 if built with a previous version of binutils – see bug #290662 for more details.
While the issue isn’t solved, here is a quick workaround:

# emerge -1 =binutils-2.19.1-r1 && emerge -1 amarok && emerge -1 binutils

5 thoughts on “Amarok-2.2.0/1 and >=binutils-2.20”

  1. I’m still unable to get a working collection in 2.2.0 with mysql embedded, I suppose #1 is about the same issue :/
    The collection is desperately empty.
    I run ~amd64, the fPIC and the ldflags workarounds didn’t fix it.

    amarok: [ERROR!] GREPME MySQL query failed! No database selected on
    (and so on, and so on, and so on)

  2. If the build fails for any user still using any “hacks”, including -fPIC -DPIC in CFLAGS and any custom LDFLAGS, please remove all the “hacks” and rebuild amarok.
    Ever since the libmysql shared-lib patch for mysql-5.0.76-r1 and mysql-community-5.0.77-r1, amarok should be able to build against mysql with plain CFLAGS=”-O2 -pipe” and –as-needed is being forced on amarok since 2.2.0.

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