compiz and compiz-fusion 0.7.8

Here am I again, trying to keep my earlier promise.
After the compiz-0.7.8 release
on the 16th and the compiz-fusion 0.7.8 release on the 23rd, I’ve finally been able to bump it in the desktop-effects overlay.
I’ve created a new branch for 0.7.8, but will merge it back to master later today, where the ebuilds will be available until we finally bump compiz in the tree.
I’ve been talking with hanno about a new team, desktop-effects, to maintain the compiz ebuilds and friends. We already have an alias for it, thanks to Luís Medinas (metalgod), and a bugzilla account. All we’re missing is a page for the project and a mail to the gentoo-dev ml.
So compiz and compiz-fusion 0.7.8 should be reaching a Portage tree near your neighborhood this weekend. 😉

Me, blogs and Planet

Steve Dibb, aka beandog, was kind enough to ask me if I had a blog and wanted to have it listed on Planet Gentoo. I didn’t, he offered me one and set it up. Many thanks Steve.
Alex Heck, aka nesl247, setup a blog for me in the gentoo-xeffects day, but I didn’t use it much. So my experience with blogs isn’t that good.
Let’s see if I can force myself to start sitting and write something about my work with Gentoo. I’ll promise 1 or 2 short entries soon about kde-4.1.1/kde-4.1.2 and compiz-fusion-0.7.8.
So my first entry is done. See you soon.