compiz KDE support and libcompizconfig

This is a quick note for anyone using compiz, that x11-wm/compiz-0.7.8-r3 will allow KDE-4.3.0 and that the KDE use flags were updated now that KDE-4 has become the “default” KDE version and that 3.5 is approaching its final days.
As such, the kde use flag will add support for KDE-4.X and the kde3 use flag will add support for KDE-3.5. So be sure to check your use flags for compiz.
I plan to move compiz-0.7.8-r3 from the overlay to the tree in a few hours.

Following my attempts to deal with bug 259715, I broke libcompizconfig again – bug 278146. Although I’ve masked libcompizconfig-0.8.2-r2 sometime ago, it was unmasked long enough to break the config files for enough users. If you still have ccsm / compiz failing for you, you need to downgrade to libcompizconfig-0.8.2 and to remove the contents of ~/.config/compiz/compizconfig/. I’m still working on removing the bundled iniparser from libcompizconfig.