New amarok-2.3.1-r1 ebuild, merged amarok and amarok-utils and embedded mysql status

After another long season without any blog entries, I’m here to write about the recently added to the tree media-sound/amarok-2.3.1-r1 ebuild.

This masked ebuild merges the amarok/amarok-utils features again. The features of the old ebuilds are set by the player and utils use flags. The ebuild has both enabled by default and will force the use of the player use flag if the utils use flag is disabled.
I’ve taken this chance to add the dependency support for the dev-db/mariadb package, but I haven’t tested it myself yet. This fixes bug 320807. I’ve also added a patch that should fix the requirement to build x11-libs/qt-gui and x11-libs/qt-qt3support with the accessibility use flag – bug 319803. I’ve also appended the minimal-toc flag to see if amarok will build for ppc64 and let us finally close bug 280552.
I’m going to drop most of the old amarok/amarok-utils ebuilds from the tree and plan to ask for amarok-2.3.1-r1 to be marked stable very soon.
A very important point for anyone running the stable ebuild is that since amarok-, the embedded use flag was dropped from IUSE defaults, which means that unless you activate it explicitly, amarok won’t use or support libmysqld (the mysql embedded server). This change is the consequence of the substantial changes from the mysql-5.0 to mysql-5.1 source code, that broke our libmysqld shared patch work – bug 238847. At this time we haven’t been able to port our old patch to mysql-5.1 yet. The work on this can be tracked on bug 306315. Because amarok[embedded] will force the use of mysql-5.0 and thus a downgrade from mysql-5.1, I won’t add the embedded use flag to IUSE defaults until the port is complete – any help on the porting is most welcomed. You can read more about the consequences of this change and why it was done in bug 310897.
If downgrading to mysql-5.0 is not an option for you, all you need is to configure amarok to use the external mysql database. Please read the amarok WIKI for details on how to configure the external db and migrate your data from the embedded database. The ebuild notifies you about this in the pkg_postinst warnings if you don’t activate the embedded use flag.

4 thoughts on “New amarok-2.3.1-r1 ebuild, merged amarok and amarok-utils and embedded mysql status”

  1. I wonder why they don’t support sqlite anymore.
    The last thing I want to do is read the mysql guide to learn
    how to configure and lock down the server just to host a damn music library. Actually I do not want to run a mysql server on my laptop at all.

  2. +1 for Richard, it looks like a tendency in the KDE project (Akonadi is the other one with Mysql mandatory). It doubles the CPU wakeups just by running doing nothing my laptop.

  3. looks like a tendency but it isnt. There is work to port akonadi to virtuoso (which btw works pretty awesome) so all you (hopefully) need for a kde desktop in the future is a virtuoso backend (or similar) nepomuk and strigi are all ready using this backend so it makes sense to port akonadi to it. This just leaves amarok (which i have dropped) to depend on mysql.

  4. @ Guillaume
    I dont use akonadi serwer, I dont need it.
    I dont need mysql serwer too.
    All I need is a simple, fast desktop (no indexing and such).
    Why do KDE wants me to use more than I need?

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