Weekly report 9, LLVM-libc

Hi! This week I’ve pretty much finished the work on LLVM/Clang support
for Crossdev and LLVM-libc ebuild(s). I have sent PRs for Crossdev and
related ebuild changes here:

This PR includes changes for compiler-rt which are always needed for
Clang crossdev, regardless of libc. There are also changes to musl,
kernel-2.eclass (for linux-headers), and a new eclass, cross.eclass.

I made a gentoo.git branch that has LLVM-libc, libc-hdrgen ebuilds and a
gnuconfig patch to support
LLVM-libc. https://github.com/gentoo/gentoo/compare/master…alfredfo:gentoo:gentoo-llvm-libc. I
want to merge Crossdev changes and ebuilds before merging
this. Previously all autotools based projects would fail to configure on
LLVM-libc because there was no gnuconfig entry for it.

I have also solved the problem from last week not being able to compile SCUDO
into LLVM-libc directly. This was caused by two things, 1) LLVM-libc
only checked for compiler-rt in LLVM_ENABLE_PROJECTS, not
LLVM_ENABLE_RUNTIMES which is needed for using “llvm-project/runtimes”
as root source directory (“Runtimes build”).
Fix commit:
2) Many compiler-rt configure tests would fail because of LLVM-libc not
supporting dynamic linking, and therefore disable the build of
SCUDO. This was fixed by passing
to manually compile the source files and append object files into
libc.a, yay!

Now I will continue to fix packages for using LLVM-libc Crossdev, or
more likely, add needed functionality into LLVM-libc. I will of course
also fix any comments I get on my PRs.


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