Week 10 report on porting Gentoo packages to modern C

Hello all, I’m here with my week 10 report of my project “Porting
gentoo’s packages to modern C”

So apart from the usual patching of packages from the tracker the most
significant work done this week is getting GNOME desktop on llvm
profile. But it is to be noted that the packages gui-libs/libhandy,
dev-libs/libgee and sys-libs/libblockdev require gcc fallback
environment. net-dialup/ppp was also on our list but thanks to Sam its
has been patched [0] (and fix sent upstream). I’m pretty sure that
the same work around would work on musl-llvm profile as well. Overall
point being we now have two DEs on llvm profile, GNOME and MATE.

Another thing to note is currently gui-libs/gtk-4.10.4 require
overriding of LD to bfd and OBJCOPY to gnu objcopy, it is a dependency
for gnome 44.3.

Unfortunately, time is not my friend here and I’ve got only two weeks
left. I’ll try fix as many as packages possible in the coming weeks,
starting with the GNOME dependencies.

Meanwhile lot of my upstream patches are merged as well, hope remaining
ones get merged as well, [1][2] to name a few.

Till then, see ya!

[0]: https://github.com/gentoo/gentoo/pull/32198
[1]: https://github.com/CruiserOne/Astrolog/pull/20
[2]: https://github.com/cosmos72/detachtty/pull/6

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