Week 12 report on porting Gentoo packages to modern C

Hello all, hope you’re doing well. This is my week 12 report for my
project “Porting Gentoo’s packages to modern C”

Similar to last week I took up bugs from the tracker randomly and
patched them, sending patch upstream whenever possible. Unfortunately,
nothing new or interesting.

Also been working with Juippis on masking firefox-bin and rust-bin in
glibc llvm profile, Juippis has for now reverted the commit masking
those bin packages, but likely a proper fix will be committed soon.

Just warping things up for final review. I’m also in 1:1 contact with
Sam in case there is some major work needed on a particular section of
my project or a package.

And to be honest, it not really much, I’ve been under the weather a bit
and busy with some IRL stuff.

This week I’ve some free time which I plan on dedicating to lapac and
fortran bug on llvm profile. With that solved, we will be able to close
a good number of bugs sci package related bugs and also some qemu
related bugs (as that pull some packages like apack and lapack). I’ll
probably also sit with Sam for this one, hopefully we’ll be able to calk
something out.


I forgot to mention that this is going to be the last week, so I’ll wrap things up after talking with my mentors. Also will create a separate blog post that will link all of my work throughout the weeks in brief and will be used as the final submission.

Till then see yah!

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