Week 9 report on porting Gentoo packages to modern C

Hello all, hope you’re doing well. This is my week 9 report for my
project “Porting Gentoo’s packages to modern C”

Similar to last week, I picked up bugs at random and started submitting
patches. But this time I made sure to check out the upstream and send in
patches whenever possible, if it turned out to be difficult or I
couldn’t find upstream I made sure to make a note about it in the PR
either via commit message or through a separate comment. This way it’ll
help my Sam keep track of things and my progress.

Apart from that nothing new or interesting unfortunately.

Coming next week the plan is the same, pick up more bugs and send in
PRs, both in ::gentoo and upstream whenever possible. I also have some
free time coming week, so plan to make up for lost time during my sick
days in the coming week, as there still lots of packages that require

I would like to note here, that I made an extra blog post last week
about setting testing environment using lxc and the knowledge about
using gentoo’s stage-3 tarballs to create custom lxc gentoo images. I
don’t really expect anyone following it or using it, mainly put that up
for future reference for myself.

Till then, see ya!

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