2023 – Gentoo Google Summer of Code

As part of the 2023 Google Summer of Code or GSoC, Gentoo had several people applying.

Google as part of open source was kind enough to allocate four (4) slots for us so that we could have the contributors contribute to Gentoo.

The following contributors were accepted to the 2022 Gentoo Google :

  • Catcream   – Working on: Bootstapping Gentoo with The LLVM C Library
  • hyperedge – Working on: Modernization of Portage by refactoring and rewriting performance critical parts as C++ extensions
  • LabBrat – Working on: Automated Gentoo System Updater
  • listout – Working on: Modern C porting of Gentoo packages

We are excited to have our contributors work with our Developers (Mentors) on Gentoo.

This is the link to the announcement Email for 2023 Gentoo GSoC.

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