Weekly report 8, LLVM libc

Hi! This (and last week) I’ve spent my time polishing the LLVM/Clang
crossdev work. I have also created ebuilds for llvm-libc, libc-hdrgen
and also the SCUDO allocator. But I will probably bake SCUDO into the
llvm-libc ebuild instead actually.

One thing I have also made is a cross eclass that handles cross
compilation, instead of having the same logic copy-pasted in all
ebuilds. To differentiate a “normal” crossdev package and LLVM/Clang
crossdev I decided to use “cross_llvm-${CTARGET}” as package category
name. This is necessary since you need some way to tell the ebuild about
using LLVM for cross. My initial idea was to handle all this in the
crossdev script, but crossdev ebuilds are self-contained, and you can do
something like “emerge cross_llvm-gentoo-linux-llvm/llvm-libc” and it
will do the right thing without running emerge from crossdev. Hence I
need to handle cross compilation in the ebuilds themselves, using the
eclass. Me and sam are not sure if a new eclass is the right thing to
do but I will continue with it until I get some more thoughts as we can
just inline everything later without wasting any work.

I feel pretty much done now except for baking SCUDO directly into the
llvm-libc ebuild. Actually it is very simple to do but I got some issues
with libstdc++ when using llvm/ as root source directory for the libc
build, which is necessary to use when compiling SCUDO. Previously I used
runtimes/ as root directory, and that worked without issue. Currently to
work around this you can just compile the source files in
llvm-project/compiler-rt/lib/scudo/standalone and append the object
files into libc.a. LLVM libc then just works with crossdev and you
can compile things with the emerge wrapper as usual, but currently a lot
of autotools things break due to me not having specified gnuconfig for
llvm-libc yet.

I had a lot of trouble last week with sonames when doing an aarch64 musl
crossdev setup and running binaries with qemu-user, however it turned
out it was just a warning and it worked after setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH as
envvar to qemu-user. I spent a loong time on this.

Currently I will need to upstream changes to compiler-rt ebuild, musl
llvm-libc ebuild, libc-hdrgen, cross.eclass, and of course crossdev.

Next week I will send the changes upstream for review and continue work
on LLVM libc, most likely simple packages like ed, and then try to get
the missing pieces upstreamed to LLVM libc. fileno() is definitely
needed for ed.

Last week I did not write a blog post as I was in “bug hell” and worked
on a lot of small things at once and thought “if I just finish this I
can write a good report”, and then wednesday came, and I decided to just
do an overview of all my work for this weeks’ blog instead 😀

– —

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