Week 6 report on porting Gentoo packages to modern C

Hello all,

This week I couldn’t do much as I caught a bit of cold and fell ill. But
I’m doing much better now and will begin working again starting this
week. I plan on making up for last weeks work in the coming week and
in case there is still remaining work, I will make it up in the
extra/emergency week at the end. This was also the reason I could not update my blogs for the last week.

So the plan for coming is to pick up where I left and start from there
and finish any remaining work. Then start with
Wdeprecated-non-prototypes and Wstrict-prototypes, which aligns with my
proposal timeline for week 7 to 10.

Our evaluation for midterm opens this week (today 10th of July) and will
be open for the entire week. I’m super nervous and excited about it.
*fingers crosses*

Till then, see ya. Take care.

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