Week 7 report on porting Gentoo packages to modern C

Hello all.

First of all, I would like to give the good news of passing the Mid-Term
evaluation. My mentor/s have provided me some valuable advice that I
would like to incorporate in my work in the following weeks ahead.

Coming to my work, as I said in my last report. I picked up where I left
before week 6. Sent sent in some patches (no upstream unfortunately).
This week I mainly worked with Juippis (my other mentor) on reviews of
my already submitted PRs. We came across some challenges while doing,
namely reproduction of a bug, the case being juippis and sam_ were able
to reproduce the bug, but I couldn’t due. It was most probably due to
compiler-rt. I still have to send in a proper fix for that bug. Which
brings us the to second topic of setting up a test environment. Juippis
has an excellent guide on using lxc containers for setting up test

So there’s that.

Coming weeks, priority would be setting up the test environment with
Juippis guide so we don’t have to face the aforementioned scenarios

Apart I mainly want to do two things:
– stick to my proposal and work on Wstrict-prototypes, and
– work on bringing down the number of bug on the tracker, there’s still
quite a lot, and often times more keeps getting added.
– Work more with mentors on code/PR reviews

Till then, see yah!

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