Daily blog 3 aug by Catcream


In the last two days I’ve spent my time getting Gentoo musl to run on my PinePhone Pro. I asked Sam if I could spend a few days on it as a side project and it was fine.

I installed it using postmarketOS as a “livecd” and did the usual chroot-based install. I’ve made some ebuilds for mauikit apps, as well as Plasma mobile. They work but I really need to fix things like DEPENDS-array, add appropriate USE-flags, etc, before pushing somewhere.

It was definitely not painless and I had to debug some runtime issues, like the mauikit media player Clip not playing any media files. This was because of gstreamer plugins and qtmultimedia needing +gstreamer. I still wonder if it’s a good idea to just depend on gst-plugins-meta and let users enable their wanted codecs by changing USE on that? I also had some issues with the bootloader and some other things but all-in-all I’ve learnt a lot and enjoyed it! (unlike the Konsole zsh test failure :D)

I’ll continue with it tomorrow and probably a bit on thursday. In my schedule I had taken two weeks for fixing various KDE applications but they mostly seem to “just work”, but later this week and next I’ll run test suites to ensure that applications properly work.

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