Daily blog 4 aug by Catcream

Today I’ve been working some more on my PinePhone and I’m basically done.

An issue I ran into was the phone not booting when I compiled a custom kernel. It has no display output, but apparently you can use the headphone jack to connect via serial. So I took apart a 3.5mm audio cable and tested if each wire corresponded to its own connector “part” using a multimeter. It did, so I then soldered my serial to usb adapter onto the 3.5mm cable and I got serial output. However when connecting TX so I could send input to the device all the output got messed up and I have no idea why. I debugged it for quite a long time and also asked in #pinephone IRC but ultimately I gave up, didn’t need input right now anyways.

Looking at the boot output I saw that the kernel crashed and complained about not having EFI stub enabled. Enabling it and creating an initramfs with dracut solved it. Now it boots just fine!

I’ve emerged a bunch of packages and very soon I should have a fully working device, hopefully done by tomorrow. I’ll also PR my mauikit ebuilds to ::kde tomorrow.

PS. Now all my devices run Gentoo musl: desktop, laptop, server, router, and phone, woohoo!

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