Week 7 Report for RISC-V Support for Gentoo Prefix

Hello all, hope everyone is doing good.

This is my report for the seventh week of my GSoC project. This week we submitted mit-term evaluations and received feedbacks from mentors. I have also done some testing and documentation this week.

This week I worked on documentation of “Porting Prefix to new Architecture” and I tested all packages in `app-portage` for RISC-V. Also the pull request [1] has been merged.
Here is the list of packages:

* app-portage/diffmask
* app-portage/unsymlink-lib
* app-eselect/eselect-package-manager
* app-portage/repo-commit
* app-portage/portpeek
* app-portage/porticron
* app-portage/overlint
* app-portage/metagen
* app-portage/gverify
* app-portage/distpatch
* dev-util/diffball
* app-portage/emerge-delta-webrsync
* app-portage/g-octave
* app-portage/fetchcommandwrapper
* app-python/sexpdata
* app-python/epkg
* app-python/gander


Talking about the evaluations, I have passed the mid-term evaluations. The feedback stated that all main objectives have been accomplished already, and the second half will be spent on stretch goals of the proposal.

Talking about the delieverables, they are almost completed and we are left with testing and documentation. So I will be spending rest of the weeks doing these and adding features, if any.

[1] https://github.com/gentoo/gentoo/pull/26679


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